How people become a famous CELEBRITY

Memorable Personalities

This Page is for those People who change the thinking and life of many People.They are same as we but they are not same as we,because they are same as we+ + + they have ablity to change the people ablity and make a change,so we sulute those people to include them to in this page

                                                    Jean Henri Dunant

 Jean Henri Dunant was a social activist and Swiss businessman.He was the first person who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution in founding of International Red Cross Movement in 1901.May 8, is celebrated as the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day in his memory.

 Mother Teresa 

 Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun of Albanian and Indian citizenship.Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India in 1950 and in other countries.she spend 45 years in serving the poor, orphaned, and sick people. She won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Bharat Ratna for her humanitarian work. 

 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 

 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the political and spiritual leader of India.Gandhi is referred to as Mahatma Gandhi .In India he is honoured as the Father of the Nation.2 October, is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti worldwide as the International Day of Non-Violence. 

 Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Martin Luther King, Jr. was an social activist, and prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement.Martin Luther is known for his contribution in civil rights in united states and worldwide.Martin Luther was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial discrimination. 

Jacqueline Kennedy 

 Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, at age 31, one of the youngest First Ladies in history. Jacqueline Kennedy was the symbol of fashion for women all over the world and include style in politics. 

Princess Diana 
 Princess Diana first wife of Prince Charles. Princess Diana was international media icon and known for her contribution in charity worldwide.Princess Diana was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 after her death. Princess Diana is referred to as People Princess.

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